Thursday, February 16, 2017

BlitzBrau Pale Ale

Why BlitzBrau? Because I started drinking it two weeks after I brewed it. That's fast for homebrew. Then again I brewed it on New Year's Eve, which suggests that my blogging speed is something closer to SitzBrau. I know, that doesn't even make any sense.

Homebrewers don't generally drink anything sooner than about a month after brewing it. I took me a while to realize that commercial brewers don't ferment for much more than 6 days, simply because its too expensive to be sitting on stuff for that long. I understand there are some risks associated with pulling a brew out of fermentation too quickly. At least one of them is that the beer could end up tasting like buttered popcorn. I've yet to have this problem.

So this is one of those hoppy pale ales that people love to hate. My last batch of hoppy-but-not-too-bitter ale was only a gallon, so I managed to put that back pretty quickly. This one came out a bit overcarbonated, which was probably the result of me having made it so quickly (leftover unfermented sugars continue to ferment in the bottle, which creates additional CO2). I like the dry quality it gives the beer that lets the hops shine. The bitterness is present but not overwhelming despite there being very minimal malt flavor to it, which gives it a summery, almost lemony quality to it.

I originally planned this as an American Pale Ale based loosely on a clone of Day Tripper Pale Ale. I really love pale ales flooded with American hops, but I have to admit I often can't really distinguish one from another. This particular beer has at times felt a bit like it's lacking in character or depth, perhaps from fermenting long enough. I'm almost out of this stuff, as it was only a couple gallons. I've got some other brews that will come into rotation before too long. It looks like I can brew them and drink them faster than I can write about them.

Another of my professional photos:

Image result for day tripper pale ale

OK, that's not actually one of my photos, that's a photo of the original, as I can't find any shots of BlitzBrau on my phone.

Some beer nerd details:

I ended up using Pilsner malt instead of the more standard American pale malt (part of a well orchestrated plan to dominate the brewing universe, certainly not because I grabbed the wrong package). Pilsner being basically the lightest malt around (you got it, it's the one they use to make commercial pilsner beers), it doesn't leave a lot of malt flavor in the background. I fermented with S-04, which is famous for quick and vigorous fermentation.

Next up in my beer blogging plans is a Caracas-born Norwegian Pale Ale.


Yes, that's right. Stay tuned.

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