Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dear News Reader - Here's what one reporter would like from you

The tumultuous events of the last year have brought increased pressure from news readers for the mainstream media to provide reporting that's more nuanced, balanced, and in-depth. I've gotten quite a few broad exhortations via social media from people recommending things that reporters can do to ensure that events are covered fairly. I think this is great. But it might surprise you to know that from a reporter's perspective, there's also a lot that news consumers can do to promote the kind of journalism they want. Here's what I, a reporter at a mainstream news organization, believe you as a reader can do:

Monday, March 6, 2017

La La Land turns jazz into an exotic Third World country

I actually liked the movie. But I was set up for disappointment because I had convinced myself that it was about jazz. It's more accurate to call La La Land a love story that uses jazz as an exotic backdrop much the way Hollywood movies use war-torn underdeveloped countries as the setting for stories about white people that have nothing to do with the country in question. La La Land was about jazz in the same way that Out of Africa was about Kenya.